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Save Money on Wedding Reception Decorations

While a wedding is really about the ceremony, many of his guests begins the royal wedding at the reception (food + Dance + open bar = serious fun). For the bride and groom, reception is usually when they come to relax and let go too, but planning the reception is anything but relaxing, especially if you're trying to stick to a strict budget.

Fortunately, there are many ways to make money on decor fun to save elegant and memorable. Here are ten inexpensive decorating ideas wedding reception.

1. Use white Christmas lights
Many people use white Christmas lights all year in their back porches as a simple and elegant furnishings. And these lights can make a beautiful addition to any place in the wedding party! Can be hung from the ceiling to tables around the cake or potted plants. If you do not want to use at Christmas lights, flashlights instead consider.

2. Twistbands
The seat covers can be expensive to rent and a lot of work ahead of us. Instead of using seat covers, get some nice wide ribbon to tie on the back of the chairs to add some elegance and spruce things. The tape is cheap compared with seat covers luxury alternative. Enlist the help of friends and cut ribbons for the great day to be bound.

3. Add a water feature
A nice addition to the input of the input would be a source of water. There might even be a little you have in your home that sits on a table. The sound of a water fountain is very refreshing, and it would be good to hear your customers because they finally relax at the reception.

4. Press the feathers
Feathers are a big trend in the wedding decorations. Buying in bulk from a craft store and create big headdress hanging on the walls or. In floral centerpieces for an elegant (and cheap) Appearance

5. Garnish with food
The menu for the wedding food and drink you choose and book the way it is organized in the subjects of a lot of style to your big day. Huge apothecary jars and various sweets on the dessert bar create a festive atmosphere, while the magnificent and agricultural soils cream cheese and bread can immediately make the party an organic feel.

6. Add candles
Nothing is more romantic than a dark room only by the light of hundreds of lit candles. And luckily candles are inexpensive.

7. Cover with fabric
You can get yards of your favorite fabric in a craft store and draped for everything from tables cover from the ceiling (ie, pure fabrics are good for this and create a romantic atmosphere). Be creative with material to create a soft, intimate atmosphere.

8. Make a Picnic
I was at a wedding outdoors, even at the front desk "Tables" only blankets and pillows on the floor, and each had its own blanket picnic basket full of goodies and wine. It was fun, classy and unique - not much cheaper than a formal affair to mention with chairs.

9. Is committed Photos
Your guests will love looking at the photographs of dedication and reception is the perfect place to display it. In fact, the receipt is the only place where never get some of your guests to see your photos commitment. And while you're at it, bring some of your favorite pictures of you and your spouse to be showing at the front desk. If you are not sure about the viewing of images or a collage, consider getting a slide show for entertainment reception.

10. Have fun with flowers
I went to a wedding once had some great displays of flowers. They looked like big balls of flowers. They were elegant, eye-catching and memorable. To be honest, I do not remember other baubles decorations flowers this wedding. While these screens looked professionally done, a bride and groom could gain the same flower balls by the stems of the flowers do large styrofoam balls (at a craft store like Michaels) and inserting in them. This would be cheap to make, as long as it is used from an online retailer or silk flowers ordered flowers to save money on wedding flower arrangements.

Simple Wedding Decoration Ideas for Reception

While themed wedding might not be the best option for everyone, so you have a plan focused approach to decorating your reception. By involving all elements of marriage as centerpieces, flowers, favors and overall appearance of the reception process will be simplified by itself, to facilitate the decision, impress your guests and save money.

The most difficult part is to choose a theme. You must ensure that the issue of fresh, elegant, and to be fair to you and your partner. Make sure that the problem could be "underwater" mistaken for a dance theme like, do not select. Have fun with it, but make sure it is correct. Here are three ideas to get started:

1. White and Black
With black and white themed wedding, which will support everything from basic color and black and white elegant. It is very cheap for a bridal theme, as guests will be the most important decoration. In black and white wedding, guests are invited to a black dress and groom will share wearing white. A word of caution: Do not make the theme color other than white and black. Already bear most of the guests something black and do not have to buy new clothes for the wedding. If couples want to save money for themselves, they should make it easier for the wedding participants save money.

2. Season
No matter what season it is, there is always a certain season, and therefore you can always create a themed wedding season. Celebrations such as Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter are very easy to decorate. You can also decorate for spring, summer, autumn and winter. For example, if you do a spring wedding, you can have the theme parks including garden tools as centerpieces and small potted plants as wedding favors. Seasonal decoration Save money on your wedding flowers.

3. Zen
There are so many things you can do with a wedding theme Zen. As with Zen wedding theme you can download acceptance relaxing, refreshing and peaceful to configure. Ask a water source lobby. Once customers are inside, they can be transported to another world. Configure the paper umbrella, bonsai trees, rock gardens, lanterns and origami. Guests will have fun with this topic, as I have in the Zen-themed wedding I attended a few years ago. It will be unforgettable for everyone.

Large wedding, elegant party, but not as much as you think it costs. With a little creativity and some do-it-yourself knowledge, you can create a romantic setting for your big day.

How to Save Money decorations wedding party? Share experiences and tips in the comments!